Saturday, January 20, 2018

Going Home!

We are so excited to share that our family is returning home to Uganda today! Although we have all loved the time we were able to spend with family and friends in Canada these past few months there was always uncertainty with our timeline and Avin's health that we did not love. 

At Avin's most recent Dr appointments we finally received good news, the infection and her spine are healing exceptionally well! God has been so faithful during these months even when things didn't go as we would have planned, we have constantly felt a sense of peace. Avin has said a few times that it feels like the comfort of a blanket is over her even when things are uncertain, and we know that is because of so many people praying with us, all over the world! 

There are a few things that will need to be monitored with her healing and recovery, so she will be returning in the spring to BC Children's Hospital for some follow up appointments, but for now we are very excited to go home, all 6 of us! 

Avin would like to say a special thank you to everyone and would appreciate your continued prayers over the next couple months for full healing! 

A huge thank you to the very talented Jamie Delaine who just took some family photos for us, our schedule has been a little crazy lately but I'm so thankful she was so flexible and made the time! We loved every single photo, but here is just a few! 

We did not make Jamie's job easy, there was a lot of laughing!! 

"You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word." Psalm 119:114

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Our Canadian Winter

We have had an amazing time in Canada this winter, our kids have been able to experience a lot of really fun firsts! The youngest kids had no memory of seeing snow so they especially enjoyed a white Christmas and all the time they had to play outside! 

One of the houses we were given to use during our time here was in the very beautiful Whistler. It was so nice being away the 6 of us for a few nights to enjoy the sights but also just sleep in, watch Christmas movies and put a few puzzles together. 

Avin has been limited in the activity she can do but she had a great time playing in the snow and going for walks around the village and Lost Lake

Being in Whistler for a few days gave us the chance to eat at a few different places in the village, some of our favourites were Pure Bread, El Furniture Warehouse, Splitz Grill, and Hunter Gather.

We didn't do any skiing or tobogganing but we did ride the Peak 2 Peak gondola on a gorgeous day and it was definitely worth it, even just to walk around and enjoy the incredible view! 

Just days after we arrived in Canada Joel started his first job! He worked for friends of ours at Vancouver Photobooth taking Santa Photos at a nearby mall. He loved it and is so thankful for such a great experience and that he was able to make money for bible college next fall! 

Christmas celebrations with cousins! 

The kids with my sisters son, Ashton. 

With Jeff's sisters two kids, Tyler and Sarah. 

The kids doing their own version of the polar bear swim at Jeff's parents house in Nanaimo. 

They didn't last long in the ocean before running up to the hot tub! 

Our home while we lived in Canada was always near White Rock and it turned out that most of the houses we've been so generously lent during our stay have been also! Going to the beach for a walk or to skip rocks has been a favourite activity for all of us. 

We ended the Christmas season with friends in Tulameen, snowmobiling, sledding and ice skating, definitely a true Canadian winter holiday! 

Avin's friend Sophia who she spent the summer with is here for the week while Joel spends the week with a friend in Sechelt

It was so cold but so beautiful! 

Finn thought snowmobiling was the best thing ever. 

Avin was actually able to ride a bit too, finally a winter activity she could take part in! 

Mazzy fell in love with ice skating, unfortunately it's not something she'll get to do anytime soon in Uganda! 

Thank you Moody family for having us, we loved our time away! 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday


• That malaria causes 27% of all deaths in Uganda

• Uganda has the world’s highest incidence of malaria
• There are 478 cases of malaria for every 1000 people annually
• Due to the mass distribution of bed nets, malaria incidence decreased
in Uganda in 2014-15

The good news is that malaria is both 


and you can help!
The Kibaale Community Clinic is one of the only medical facilities within a 20km radius
and treats 1000 cases of malaria every month. The community also relies on the clinic for the treatment of many other medical conditions.
Kuwasha is committed to both preventing malaria by providing bed nets
to needy families and treating malaria cases at the Kibaale Clinic. 
Every gift of $45 allows us to provide a bed net for 1 family
and malaria treatment for 4 patients.
Consider how you can get involved in our
Give the Gift of Health Campaign this Christmas! 

We know there are many opportunities to give today and we are so appreciative that you would choose Kibaale, thank you! 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

6 weeks down, 12 to go!

It is amazing to see these kids together again, the last time was 4 months ago!! Avin was praying especially hard that she would be discharged from the hospital by the time they arrived, we are so thankful she finished with her IV antibiotics just 2 days before! 

We were just at BC Children's Hospital to see the Infectious Disease doctors; they went over Avin's new MRI, blood work, and explained to us what the next few months will look like. Although there was a definite improvement to the infection and swelling around Avin's spine it is still there so she will now be on oral antibiotics, originally this was to be for 6 weeks but they have increased it to 12 weeks. Unfortunately Av had an allergic reaction after 5 weeks on her first medication and had to switch, this new one doesn't make her feel very well, but we're hoping that will get better in time. She will continue to have blood work done and has another X-ray and appointment with both the Orthopaedic Surgeon and Infectious Disease in January, we are very hopeful she can return to Uganda after that! 

We are very thankful for the progress that has been seen already, Avin was a bit sad to hear she is only allowed to walk or swim for the next few months, as far as physical activity goes. She's starting to feel better and was hoping to enjoy a few winter activities, she understands the reasoning but we don't blame her for being disappointed. 

Thank you for your continued prayers for Avin; for complete healing, to start feeling better on these prescribed antibiotics, and that she keeps a positive attitude while continuing to rest and recover! 

Although being in the hospital for 6 weeks was not without challenging moments we are just so thankful for the treatment Avin received and the excellent care by all the nurses and doctors at both Surrey Memorial Hospital and BC Children's Hospital, they really made all three of us feel at home in our little hospital room.  

We have been so proud of how Avin has handled these last few months, always relying on Jesus when she's scared or worried and never questioning why this has happened to her but instead wondering what amazing things He has planned for her life because of it. 

We are also so thankful for all of the support we have received, the visits and gifts have been so appreciated! We missed taking a few photos but we have felt so loved by all of you pictured above and everyone who has visited with us or sent encouraging messages from near and far.